Discover the UKs leading ERP software from Affinitus.

Affinitus have over 30 years of food industry knowledge and knowhow.

Using the latest technologies and devices, our solutions take our customers on a digital transformation journey with real-time data & business analytics, paperless operation, optimised & automated processes, and maximum employee productivity, whilst increasing efficiency, reducing waste, and improving margins.

Today, more than 200 food & beverage customers and over 100 horticulture and agri customers trust Affinitus for their business management solution.

Discover the UKs leading ERP software from Affinitus.

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10 No-Brainer Considerations for ERP Implementation

A successful ERP implementation can become the beating heart of your business – when implemented correctly, for the right reasons, with the right business ethos from top to bottom. Our guide will help you decide if your business is ready for an ERP implementation and lists some important things to consider in selecting the right solution for your business.