Implementing Freshware has helped the UK’s leading independent fresh produce wholesaler and catering supplier Premier Fruits increase its profits, with the company benefiting from deliver faster, more accurate orders to customers.

Premier Fruits’ managing director, Jason Tanner, said Freshware had made a positive difference to the company’s gross profit margin of 2% since being installed in 2014, and further gains are expected with the recent integration of Chefserve for its catering business.

He said: “Our payments have got quicker from our customers because we have been able to give them a more bespoke system whether its daily invoicing, grouping the accounts together, emailing all the confirmations over – the system does it automatically for you.

“We’ve found Freshware to be a win-win for our business.”

Tanner said the software solution had made a difference to all areas of Premier Fruits’ business including orders and invoices, explaining that the company’s auditors were now able to do their work in 50% of the time that it previously took.

“Freshware wanted to create the best system on the market and the only way to do that was to work with the largest wholesaler – if you can get it right for the largest wholesaler, then obviously you can roll it out to the rest of the companies,” he explained.

More recently, Premier Fruits has also implemented Chefserve, and Tanner says the company was already benefiting from the system, with its automatic weight change capability saving “four to five hours a night” spent on manual weighing.

“Going forward, we have ideas as to how to get the wholesale and catering system working better together and we are still being proactive in making it easier for people to trade with each other in the market because we are using the same systems,” he added.