Change is not something that people want to do for no reason, but when Paul Ashley, Financial Director of C&C Group Ltd got to the point of having to review his companies IT systems, he knew from previous experience that he needed it to be as painless as possible.

“I had been involved in a number of computer system changes in the past, and really didn’t want to do another one again if I could possibly help it” said Ashley.
Following a review of the packages available, three were short listed based on the solution that was offered to other customers similar to us in the marketplace. However once they met with the different representatives of each company, it became obvious of the difference between the prospective companies.

Paul Hardy of Freshware, visited us and it was instantly obvious to us, he knew the capabilities of his package inside and out, as well as the exact requirements we would need based on his knowledge of businesses similar to ours. This was absolutely not the case, with some of the other companies and following our initial meetings, we followed up some references, some of which were given to us by Freshware and others were people we traded with who already used the Freshware product.

Due to the day to day grind of their existing system, which was regularly failing and causing a lot of disruption to the business, C&C delayed there decision in switching systems, and when they ordered the system only left 2 months between ordering and going live.

The Freshware system was installed across 4 sites in London and went live on June 1st, and within a matter of days, the cashiers using the system at each site, were well up to speed on the system, and starting to be surprised that they were finishing earlier.

Once the cashiers were up and running, it was then time to introduce the salesman to a new way of working. Damien Fowler, Managing Director of C&C Group Ltd, was first to try the new method of working. Previously the salesman had waited for dissection reports to be printed, which meant all tickets had to be entered, often the salesman was waiting for these reports to print. Damien and Co-Director Michael ?????? , now have their own screens, and a visual version of their old dissection reports, where they can enter their own prices, and when they have finished the Freshware system automatically sends a fax to their suppliers confirming the return prices.

Pam, who manages the system on a daily basis, is very impressed with the system, not only does it enable her to go home early, because she now doesn’t have to wait for the salesman to finish their work, Pam can work at home remotely if required and has found many of the day to day procedures of Freshware easier than her previous system.

Following the successful implementation of Freshware, Affinitus Group have now been appointed to manage, host and maintain the companies associated web sites and email.

Paul Hardy, Managing Director of Freshware states “we were pleased to win the deal initially with C&C Group Ltd as I have known of Peter Fowler and Gilgrove for many years, we are more pleased that we have been able to roll out the system across all of their companies, and that the staff who have all used different systems in the past have all been highly impressed with Freshware”

In a marketplace that is renowned for tight margins, the management reports provided by Freshware will allow C&C to manage effectively the needs of both the customers and suppliers, whilst continuing to make the margins necessary to run the business well into the future.