In all the jolly festivities, who would have thought that the type of Christmas tree you choose could have significant environmental, economic and social implications?
For a lot of people, the choice to reduce deforestation by going artificial is an easy one to make. But should it be? There is more to this age old debate than meets the eye…
Did you know that real Christmas trees provide a habitat for wildlife, employment for 100,000 people and enough oxygen for 18 million people, compared to fake trees which last for centuries in landfill sites, produce toxins if they catch fire, use valuable, non renewable petroleum to produce and cannot be recycled? And, did you know that for every real, Christmas tree they cut down, another three are planted in its place?

Surprising, isn’t it?

Needlefresh is a UK based company that is committed to providing the best, real Christmas trees for retail in stores. They help to promote the crème de la crème of Christmas tree growers and their farms by making sure only the finest trees are available for sale.

To ensure they provide the best trees, they have recently invested in Freshware; the complete business management system for fresh produce. The software will enable NeedleFresh to have complete transparency and traceability of their products.

Freshware was designed and developed by Affinitus, who have been providing software solutions for the fresh produce industry for over 15 years. This Windows based program will help Needlefresh with everything from sales order processing to delivery routing, making sure all their customers are selling the most well sourced trees this Christmas.

Paul Hardy, Managing Director of Affinitus said ‘Using the Freshware system will allow Needlefresh to run operations more effectively and will allow transparency across all of their processes, this in turn means they can track all products more effectively and increase efficiency.”

So before you dash out to make your Christmas tree purchase, just be sure you’re making the right one.