Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is fast becoming an integral part of the way catering and foodservice companies do business, meaning suppliers need to be ready to react to product requests as and when they receive them.

Upgrading to the Chefserve advanced solution will enable leading fresh and chilled produce supplier 4 Degrees C to do just that, while it is also likely to reduce the amount of staff hours currently needed to handle orders.

The implementation of the advanced solution, which is expected to be completed by the beginning of August, will also see 4 Degrees C integrate all of its accounts functions into Chefserve, allowing the company to benefit from more efficient and productive invoicing.

4 Degrees C operations director Sarah Barrick said: “A lot of people are moving towards EDI and online ordering – we have quite a few customers that order online – these orders will be taken straight from the emails and put into Chefserve, so you’re cutting the staff hours needed for manual input.

“It’s very important with the way the market is now with EDI and online, which is the way  everybody is going, that we are able to run everything through computers. Doing that through Chefserve means you can run your own reports and get lots of data out of it.”