The future of Sales order processing within the Foodservice sector is finally here.

Giving your customers direct access to your products is not only more convenient all round, it sends the right message which goes:

“We value your custom and want to make your experience faster, easier and better”

That’s where your very own web ordering portal comes in, which is completely customised to the brand your clients know and love.

Upload your own background image or video, logo, colour scheme and products, and away you go.

The ChefserveV7i web ordering portal is linked directly into your website offering a seamless transition into your product catalogue making them experience of purchasing even more easily.

Not only will you as a provider benefit from having orders placed directly into your ERP system, customers will have a direct link into your stock availabilities.

There’s also no need to worry about delivery dates and order cut off points, as all this is pre-defined by your CHEFSERVE system, making integrating with the portal a straight forward process.

Chefserve V7i has no device restrictions unlike other portals out there, making for a smooth process in access for your customers – meaning less inconvenience and more chance of customers loving their new way to order.

Don’t just think it will be your customers who love the web ordering portal, your staff will be freer to do the things that matter, instead of keying in orders and time spent on the phone, allowing for more business beneficial tasks to be carried out.

Your clients get a clear overview of all their account information such as:

  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Credits
  • Previous Orders
  • Outstanding Payments

All from one place, ready to print or save as PDF

But not only that, customers can view statistics into their product ordering history and more.

Foodservice Providers head offices can also see key statistics into each individual customer account.

Pre-defined order templates speed up the ordering time for your customers allowing them and you to get on with important daily tasks giving great customer service.

The Chefserve V7i Web ordering portal is set to streamline sales order processing and customer retention for Foodservice providers.