Affinitus, the market leading provider of fresh produce business solutions, has merged with Lincolnshire based Consus Fresh.

The Consus packhouse software solution ( is focused on growing, packing and distribution operations serving multiple retailers.

Paul Hardy, Founder and CEO of Affinitus explained “Consus Fresh takes us into smaller ‘packhouses’ that we could not normally service with our existing products. As part of Affinitus, we will be able to add the functionality to extend Consus Fresh into a full mobile ready Fresh ERP solution, so opening a new market for our software; furthermore there are elements of the Consus Fresh solution which will enhance our own offerings”.

Consus Fresh MD Derek Thompson is excited by the merger. “Affinitus has a wide range of complementary products that will benefit our customers” commented Thompson “we see accelerated growth by partnering with the Affinitus team, particularly with Affintus’s global ambition and planned expansion into North America”.

Affinitus were not the only company in discussions with Consus Fresh. “There were other offers on the table” confirmed Thompson, “but Affinitus was by far the best fit both culturally and from a product positioning standpoint. We have nurtured our customers over the years and have a developed a strong and respectful working relationship with them, so the strong customer care ethos at Affinitus was a particularly important part of the decision.”