The Bespoke Brick Company, part of the Brickability Group plc have selected the Affinitus ERP software and hosting following a successful pilot and trial system.

The Bespoke Brick Company has established itself as one of the UK’s leading importer and distributors of high quality clay facing bricks. We work closely with our production partners in Holland, Belgium, Italy and Germany to create an exclusive collection of bricks so versatile it complements both contemporary and traditional architecture.

Richard Cosgrove, Commercial Director says “we can see massive time savings across many areas of our administration and reduction in duplication and effort of up to 3 or 4 times”

Paul Hardy , CEO of Affinitus Group say “I could see there were huge advantages that bespoke brick could get from using our system that many of our Fresh produce clients already enjoy, and this level of complexity is not always found in traditional ERP software. whereas our Fresh Produce importers have this complexity as a daily part of the processes, with produce coming in from growers all over the world and managing their supply chain, so we found bespoke brick had very similar requirements.”