On Wednesday 8th July, Affinitus held the Inaugural Meeting of the Foodlogik V7 Focus Group.  We invited a selection of our largest Foodlogik customers to join the Focus Group to influence and define the future development roadmap for the new V7 Foodlogik solution.

During the meeting, the Foodlogik familiar faces of Bill Ward and Bob Young were joined by Affinitus CEO, Paul Hardy, and several Foodlogik customers, including; J G Ross, Waterfields, Stuarts Fine Foods and Butt Foods.  Attendees were provided with a preview demonstration of the new V7 Foodlogik user interface, and some key functionality – Recipe costing & product specification module, Allergen & Nutritional Information Management, Financial Management, Stock & Warehousing, Business Analytics and KPI’s, Customer Web Ordering Portal, and Vanlogik mobile app for delivery drivers and drop management. 

Foodlogik are looking for customer input on the V7 Foodlogik Product Development Roadmap, to ensure that the functionality we continue to develop and enhance is exactly what our users need now and in the future. Any customers with feedback or input into the Roadmap as shown during the meeting, should contact Sarah Neale.

If any existing Foodlogik customers would like to join future meetings of the V7 Foodlogik Focus Group, and influence the future development of the Foodlogik solution, please contact Sarah Neale.  We intend to hold meetings approximately every 6 months to update on our progress.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or would like to discuss any of the new V7 Foodlogik functionality.