Enhancements and Apps to aid user productivity and improve business analytics reporting

Wednesday, 21st July, 2021 Sittingbourne, UK: Affinitus, the market leading provider of business management software solutions for the fresh produce, food, and horticulture industries, today announces new product enhancements for its Foodlogik food production business management solution.

Continuously evolving its ERP software solutions in response to customer and industry requirements, Affinitus have added a range of food industry specific enhancements to the core Foodlogik solution. 

New product enhancements, available now, include:

Product Specifications Module – Several major enhancements to the Product Specification Module include new QAS reports with images of acceptable and failed products, as well as an ingredients supplier checklist with user-definable questions, a new Risks table and a new Ingredient Tech Spec report.

Mobile Stock Manager App – This powerful new Android Tablet app facilitates the rapid update of ingredient stock levels on-line.  Perfect for remotely maintaining ingredient inventory balances, transferring from warehouse to lineside and updating batch details such as on-hold/quarantine and use-by date.

Mobile Ordering App – The Web Ordering module has been significantly enhanced to allow orders to be placed via a mobile device.  The app enables wholesalers and sales managers to remotely enter orders directly into Foodlogik when visiting stores and customer concessions, saving time and administrative resources, whilst improving the customer experience.  Any configured security or order cut-off rules still apply.

Mobile Trailer Loading App – Utilising pallet processing, this allows despatch operators to scan pallets directly into a pre-defined trailer load and generate the trailer documentation, including temperatures, batch numbers and use-by dates.

Recipe Costing – The Recipe Costing Module has been enhanced with new fields to show unit pack costs and margin %, to enable prices to be negotiated while speaking to the customer.

Quality Assurance Checks – The Foodlogik Works Order Module has been enhanced to enable start-up and production QA checks.   QA checks and resulting corrective actions can be configured, recorded, and reported upon.

Mobile App Version Control – The Android Web Portal module now includes an automatic “Update check” feature.  If an out of date version of the App is detected, the latest version can be automatically downloaded.

Email integration – To enable the sending via email of purchase orders to suppliers directly from within Foodlogik, including an accompanying message.  

Business Analytics KPI Reporting – Two new standard KPI reports display the last 12 weeks sales history by customer or by product using the new KPI Sales Extract module.

Product Stock Valuation Reporting – New reports have been added to show unit cost and value by batch/pallet as well as average cost.

Multi-Supplier Ingredient Ordering – The Ingredient Ordering Module now automatically creates multiple supplier purchase orders by calculating the average usage and netting off ingredient and minimum stock levels.

Multi Product Pallet Processing – Combine several part-pallets into a new multi-product pallet, automatically generating the combined label and Delivery Load Report for the shipper. This is useful where smaller customers specify deliveries on pallet, but individual volumes are too small to fill a pallet.

Labour Recording – A new facility within the Labour Activity Recording module to import Labour timesheets and assign activity types e.g., breakdown, clean-down, etc.  Includes new business analytics reporting to analyse labour utilisation by reason.

Production waste – The recording of production waste via PC or Android tablet, includes full reporting with reason codes.

Purchase Order Summary Screen – This all-new feature displays a filtered list of purchase orders for any supplier or status, with a drill-down to see the detailed purchase order record.

Product Boxed Items – A new “unit weight” field has been added which also populates to the Finished Product Specifications screen.  This makes it easier to sync recipe costings and product specifications – especially useful for multi-product packs

Default Customer Payment Types – A default payment type can be set per customer.  In addition, the defaulted payment option will appear at the top of the pick list to optimise data entry.

Low Value Order Hold – To automatically place orders, including orders processed via EDI, on hold if they are below a minimum value.  Held orders will show in red within the Order Summary screen.

Customer Accounts List Sort – This new option allows you to sort the Sales Ledger Accounts list by customer and date so that payments for group statement accounts are much easier to manage.

Returns Data Import – The csv import order adjustments facility used to import returns, stock, sales, etc., from customers’ retail sites has been enhanced to accumulate multiple daily adjustment files (rather than replace).  In addition, a new Product Sales Analysis report highlights any returns that fall outside of what was delivered, enabling a decision on the acceptance or rejection of the credit.

Credit Notes – A new option to return goods into stock to help keep product stocks accurate and up to date.

Multi-Customer Order Copy – A new feature to copy orders by customer to a different customer, for a range of customers and dates.

Speaking about the new enhancements, Paul Hardy, Affinitus CEO, said,

“We are continually updating and enhancing industry specific features and functionality across our entire portfolio of ERP solutions.  Bob, Bill, and the entire team at Foodlogik have worked incredibly hard to plan and deliver a program of continuous improvements, based on customer feedback. Affinitus are committed to this ongoing development program, in collaboration with our user-base, to ensure that Foodlogik continues to meet the needs of our customers and the industry for many years to come.”