Fully integrated with our Freshware solution, Agrilogik is an innovative Farming and Agricultural ERP solution for farm, field, crop, and harvest, including mobile applications for a field-based workforce.


Agrilogik from Affinitus offers a complete ERP solution for your farm operations.

Farm Management

Tools and mobile apps for efficient, accurate and compliant real-time farm operations management.

Labour Management

Tools and technologies to accurately plan, budget and analyse casual, gang or own labour workforces.

Harvest Management

Manage harvesting operations with Innovative yield forecasting tools harvest templates, cropping profiles and GPS field mapping.

Business Analytics

Extensive management reporting and KPI capabilities to visualise and analyse any farming and harvesting data-set.

Agrilogik from Affinitus offers a complete ERP solution for your farm operations

Farm Management Features

Financial Management

Farm Accounting & Asset Registers

Farming Jobs Management

Planting & Crop Recording

Crop Spraying & Pesticide Recording

BRC, Red Tractor Compliance

Global Gap Compliance

Accreditation Document Management

Farm Management

Real-time data driven tools and mobile apps to track your farm accounting, forecasting & budgeting, crop planning, farm jobs and all associated materials, labour and documentation.

Manage farm finances with cost centres to track costs of production for specific crops or planting seasons. Track use of materials, fertilizers, pesticides, and packaging, and attribute the cost to each crop. A supplier portal helps to organise the compliance data and documentation required for accreditation or certification schemes.

Labour Management Features

Gang Labour Management

Labour & Piece Rate Recording

Casual/Student Labour Recording

RTI Payroll Export Module

Hand/Fingerprint Attendance Scanning

Labour Management

Accurately plan and budget required labour and ensure pay-roll data is accurate and compliant.

Biometric hand and fingerprint scanning, accurate real-time labour recording and tools to manage the time sensitive legal documentation requirements of gang, casual or own labour, including integration with external Payroll and HMRC RTI systems.  Labour utilisation reporting and KPI’s provide real-time data on labour efficiencies, such individual picker productivity, or labour used per job, crop, location for any date range.

Harvest Management Features

Forecasting & Demand Planning

Harvesting & Grower Tickets

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Multi-Packhouse Management

Auto Plotting Field GPS Data

Cropping Profiles & Availabilities

Mobile Apps

Harvest Management

Feed your supply and demand planning with expected crop availability and yield data.

Accurately plan and record harvest operations with harvesting templates, cropping profiles and GPS field mapping of row and lane. Actual yield data is collected against a 1-52 week forecast, and labour is recorded against each harvest job to provide detailed payroll information as well as an accurate cost of production.  Mobile Quality checks can be performed via handheld devices to record live QC data as the harvest progresses.  This data is used to inform the packhouse in real-time of expected inbound raw materials, so that production jobs may be scheduled and stock allocated in line with the end customer’s required specifications.

Business Analytics Features


Cost of Production

Yield Reporting

Picker Productivity Reporting

Labour Analysis

Business Analytics

Complete insight into farming and harvesting operational performance.

Agrilogik provides a limitless set of self-configurable dashboards, graphs, KPIs and visual benchmarking aids to analyse every aspect of your real-time farming data using any variable, date range, segment or filter. Dashboards can be tailored and saved for each individual users or job roles, or they can be displayed and shared with all as a real-time performance index or leader board.

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