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Vidafresh see benefits of Freshware system

Case Study - Vidafresh see benefits of Freshware system

19 September 2016

Leading UK fresh fruit importer-marketer Vidafresh has had a relationship with Affinitus since its earliest days. The Dartford-based company, which specialises in melons and pineapples, had an early version of Freshware in place when it officially began life in March 2010, and its relationship with Affinitus has continued to develop in the years since.

Vidafresh installed the newer version of Freshware in November 2014; having worked with Affinitus on a bespoke, tailored system that was focused on its needs as a business, covering the areas of stock control, logistics and accounting.

Commercial director Chris Rawlins says the system upgrade was made to reflect the significant growth that Vidafresh has achieved over the past six years, explaining that the company invested heavily in partnership with Affinitus to build a system that suits its needs.

Although Rawlins admits that the tailored system is constantly a work in progress as the business is growing and adapting – explaining that Vidafresh is working closely with Affinitus to get where it needs to be – he says the firm is constantly seeing  the benefits of what it has been doing.

The new system, he says, gives companies the capability to add different modules for different reporting functions for better business management.

Vidafresh’s initial changeover to the latest software in late 2014 was followed by a period of implementation and what he describes as work to get the system up to speed.

During the last six-nine months, Rawlins says Vidafresh and Affinitus have focused on system changes and tweaks, making sure functions are in place that would be of benefit to the importer’s day-to-day business.

“Once all of that is up and running, and working, it’s going to have a huge impact on what we do because it’s tailored specifically to our needs and you wouldn’t get that with an off the shelf package,” he says.

Rawlings adds that Vidafresh is separately in the midst of bringing in its own servers on site – at the moment these are hosted off-site – with the assistance of Affinitus, as part of a complete overhaul of its functions, which is expected in bear fruit in the months to come.

Jepco Marketing & JE Picavver Farms

Case Study - Jepco Marketing & JE Picavver Farms

15 September 2016

Pick up a bagged salad mix in almost any UK Tesco branch and the chances are that at least some of the lettuce leaves inside originated from fields farmed by Lincolnshire-based fresh salad producer and Freshware user Jepco Marketing.

As Director Simon Goddard explains, the bulk of Jepco’s products are delivered to major food processors, who chop and bag the salad leaves and sell the finished items to leading grocery retailers, UK-wide. “When you go to Tesco and buy a bagged salad, it’s probably our product in there – a lot of the lettuce leaves come from us,” he says.

The Challenge

Jepco’s relationship with Affinitus began in the early 2010s when the company was seeking a means of improving the workings and efficiency of its internal systems. A search among off-the-shelf packages that met Jepco’s needs initially proved fruitless until Goddard received a recommendation for Freshware; a system that could be adapted specifically to the company’s requirements.

Goddard says Jepco was looking for a means of improving its processes – covering everything from its daily farming operations to quality control and being able to offer full traceability for clients – in a system that did not come with an extortionate price-tag.

The Solution

For Jepco, the solution came in the form of Affinitus’ Freshware software system, which Goddard says delivered a “vast improvement” on the company’s previous working methods.

“Four-five years ago, we were looking to improve our internal systems, looking round the marketplace and somebody said, ‘ have you tried Affinitus?’ and they had the best option for the price,” he remembers. “It was affordable for our size of operation and when we put it in, it was a vast improvement.”

Freshware not only covers all of Jepco’s sales orders process from to initial receipt to invoicing, but links right through to the field using the first version of the Agrilogik product – enabling its management team to know exactly how many plants have gone in the ground – and from there to the company’s quality control (QC) system.

“It links to our QC system and then to our planting, so in terms of traceability, we know what field, lane and plot the product actually came from,” Goddard explains.

“If one of our customers says, ‘we need a trace report,’ we can go back to the PO number or the invoice and track it back all the way through.

“We’re all driven by standards and protocols, and if you want to sell to major retailer, you’ve got to be able to demonstrate all of your food production controls.”

As well as offering effective stock control, Jepco also benefits from being able to use Freshware to track all of its harvest data, meaning the company knows precisely the yield they are likely to receive from each and every field and individual plot.

Additional information

Key Benefits
– Substantial cost savings
– Improves efficiency
– Effective stock control and sales order processing
– Adaptable to individual business needs
– Improves traceability
– Cost effective

“When we started looking for a software solution, we found that every off-the-shelf system would need a huge amount of adapting to our needs. Freshware was able to offer more flexibility and they demonstrated that in what they were able to produce.”

Mash Purveyors Ltd

Case Study - Mash Purveyors Ltd

15 September 2016

For over 150 years, the Mash family has hand-selected the finest quality fruits and vegetables for the most prestigious kitchens. From the traditional to the exotic, the produce is perfectly packed and expertly picked for freshness and optimum flavour. Working in partnership with specialist growers both in the UK and abroad, and selecting the very best offerings from Rungis, New Covent Garden, Barcelona and Milan, they are a key supplier to some of the world’s finest restaurants.

During 2015, after years of planning,  Mash invested heavily into a state of the art modern distribution centre in North West London, and in the summer of 2015 started their search for a full ERP and WMS that would meet all their requirements, and by Christmas Eve, only just before the New Year planned start of implementation their placed their order with their chosen supplier Affinitus Group Ltd for the 70 user combined Chefserve Advanced Catering software and the Freshware Warehouse Management System. First to be installed during March 2016 was the Chefserve system and James Boyle, Operations Director of Mash states. “We have been very pleased that we have been able to get a phased implementation on this project, allowing us some very quick wins within only months of placing our order with Affinitus.

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Additional information

Whilst the Warehouse Management system implementation is being scheduled for the summer months, Mash are the first customer to adopt Chefserve’s advanced picking solution, which using bar coded empty split boxes and conveyor packing to increase picking throughput by more than double on split items and provides for an extra level of care to be taken on special client orders. The system is the first to offer a digital image capture of every Split box to go through the system and allows order checkers to flag items for corrections and to double check important orders. These images are then available should there be any client complaints.

J R Holland Foodservice

Case Study - J R Holland Foodservice

02 June 2016

When J R Holland continued expansion left with the requirement to update their existing UNIX based system, they were able to export their existing data directly into the new Chefserve product also provided by Affinitus Group who already had a complete understanding of their business.

Hazel Fletcher Director