Food Manufacturing ERP Success Stories.

Our Foodlogik ERP solutions provide our customers with the technology and tools to be more dynamic and agile whilst remaining efficient and innovative in their food manufacturing operations.   

Success. Baked In.

D McGhee & Sons

Foodlogik proves crucial to manage £35m bakery operation.

Food Manufacturing ERP Success Stories

FoodLogik saves McGhee & Sons up to 400,000 hours every year

Business Efficiency.

Stuart’s Bakers & Butchers

Foodlogik helps Stuart’s ride the pandemic rollercoaster.

Food Manufacturing ERP Success Stories

FoodlLogik; rich industry specific functionality at a fair price

Strength And Innovation.

Butt Foods (Bakery)

Foodlogik Bakery ERP Software Streamlines 3rd Generation Family-Owned Bakery.

Food Manufacturing ERP Success Stories

Smarter, more efficiently and collaborative