Fresh produce ERP success stories.

Affinitus have over 30 years of fresh produce industry knowledge and knowhow. Our customers include small and large produce importers, growers, shippers, packers, processors, wholesalers and traders.

UK’s Largest Brassica Grower selects Affinitus

TH Clements

TH Clements installs Agrilogik and Freshware​

Fresh produce ERP success stories
Fresh produce ERP success stories

TH Clements is a customer driven, family business.

Packed with pride

Cottage Farms

Affinitus recommended the Freshware packhouse software solution.

Fresh produce ERP success stories

The Affinitus impact was immediate.

Expansion in fruit and vegetables.

Premier Fruits

Premier Fruits is the UK’s largest independent wholesaler and supplier of fresh fruit, vegetables, exotics and salads.

Fresh produce ERP success stories

A solution that meets all needs now and in the future.

Peake Fruit selects Affinitus

Peake Fruit

One of the largest fruit packhouses in East Anglia selects Affinitus ERP.

Fresh produce ERP success stories

Platform to underpin the future growth of the business.

Affinitus Group supplies ERP software

JR Holland

JR Holland are the oldest established fruit and vegetable suppliers, importers and distributors of chilled fresh produce in the North East of England.

Fresh produce ERP success stories

Taking advantage of software that can better manage their business.