Crop, Farming and agricultural ERP Software for Farm, Field, Crop and Harvest Management supporting Time Recording and staff HR documentation.

Agrilogik ERP software solutions are serving customers in farming,agricultural and nursery industry sectors from the Affinitus Group which designs and develops market-specific software covering crop management and cost accounting software through to BRC audit and technical document management via portals.

Agrilogik is a fully functional, constantly updated, highly flexible suite of software modules designed specifically for the farming and agricultural industry. Agrilogik business management software fulfils the need for readily available, accurate data. Designed to eliminate duplication, simplify routine procedures and improve communications standards, Agrilogik helps farming professionals to increase profitability through efficiency.

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Financials and Distribution

AFFINITUS Financials provide an easy to use, fully integrated and extensive functionality as a standard accounting package that Freshware, Chefserve and Agrilogik all update seamlessly and in real time (no overnight posting routines).

The Affinitus Financials integrated accounting system makes use of the Windows functionality and features split screens, program chaining, field-level password, diaries and audit trails as standard.

Installed in over 200 businesses, AFFINITUS provide the premier software packages for the Distribution and Wholesale Marketplace and Process Manufacturing Industry.

Benefits include:

  • Efficient response to customers’ needs
  • Holding of correct and moving stock
  • Optimisation of Stock Levels
  • Reduced cost per transaction
  • Increased Cash flow & Profitability
  • Flexible and Proven Solution

Modules include:

  • Sales Order/Telesales
  • Prospect Marketing
  • Stock Control
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Fixed Assets
  • Formulations
  • (Product Structures)
  • Works Order Production
  • Production Planning
  • Production Orders
  • Warehouse Management
  • Office Automation
  • E-Commerce
Planting and Crop Recording System

Keeping track of your crops, forecasting and costs.

This module is designed to allow entry of planting records with full details of expected harvest date, week numbers due and field and gps of plot location of field, row and lane.
Gang or staff labour can be recorded against each planting record, which feeds automatically through to the payroll.


  • Farm / Fields Analysis
  • Crop predicted availability with crop walking updates
  • Fully integrated with EDI orders and invoices


  • Increase efficiency of information
  • Ease of predictability or crop harvest yields
  • Traceability of all details
  • Improved customer information with availability


  • Grower Harvesting
  • Crop walking IPAD program
  • Labour Management System
  • Stock Forecasting module
Crop Spraying and Pesticide recording

Developed specifically for existing clients of Freshware, the Agrilogik module contains details of spray records required by law.

Harvesting and Grower Tickets

This module monitors grower’s tickets coming in and books them into either QC module or stock. The detail includes the labour used and integrates in the following other modules, to provide an end to end system.

Information can be shared across the main office PC based system and a wide range of mobile devices to allow more effective management and assign and control of resources.

  • Full traceability from the field through to the customer’s shelves
  • Total human resource management
  • More effective planning and optimisation of costs
  • Live field data
  • Reports on your mobile or laptop
  • Laser, optical or NFC scanning enabled
  • Timesheet logging
  • Web Based Payslips/Earnings For Employees
  • Irrigation system integration
  • In depth costing, charts and analysis reports
  • Data export to accounting packages
Labour and Piece Rate Recording

Whilst our in the field or in the Packhouse, labour information can be collected in real time, to ensure no duplication of information.

This module was developed to manage the complex legal requirements to manage gang and own labour , including all legal information requirements concerning availability to work and time recording and information transferred direct into payroll.

  • Employees Personal Information (Name, Nationality, DOB, NI, Passport Numbers etc..)
  • Sick Days/Holidays
  • Team/Gang Assignment
  • Payment Scheme
  • Minimum Wage and Overtime Rates
  • Training and Qualifications
  • On-site Incident recording
  • Accommodation of students or casual labour
  • Link into Banking Software
  • Import/Export Employees From/To Accounts Packages. e.g. Sage
RTI Payroll Export Module

Developed in 2012, to adhere to the HMRC requirement to provide RTI ( Real time Information ) and inform them of all details and information on your payroll, at the time the payroll is about to be run.

Casual Labour and Student system integrated into Payroll/HMRC RTI systems.

Casual Labour and Student system integrated into Payroll/HMRC RTI systems

This module is currently being updated.

For more information please contacts us on 01795 844555.

Hand / Fingerprint attendance scanning

With the need to ensure that people working for you are who they say they are and the ever inventive ways that your staff may try to deceive you, this module ties in the technology of Biometric scanning  into the time recording system within the Casual Labour and Student system.

Crop spray and job recording

The crop management system comprises of a PC and mobile-based recording system that assists and manages the burden of compliance for agronomists and farmers.

From planting, application of pesticides and nutrients through to harvest records, product storage, packing and despatch.

At every stage, information can be captured to provide full crop traceability and help ensure compliance to relevant assurance standards.

Key features include:

  • Farm & Field Management
  • Crop Planning & Planting
  • Chemical Application Recording
  • Fertiliser Recording
  • Nutrient Management
  • Pesticide Audit Management
  • Supply and Demand Forecasting
  • Integration into Farm Financials
  • Integration into Harvest Manager
Farm Accounting and Asset Registers

Managing a Farm is a complex task, made easier by the financial package provide as part of the Agrilogik software. Integrating fully with the standard financial packages, the additional modules provide the facility to put every cost to costs centres setup for specific crops and planting seasons.

The system allows quantities to be attached to every transaction, so that stocks of items such as fertilisers etc. can be quantified. Revaluation can be completed at any time, in an automated task.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance Modules

Quality Assurance module enables the tracking of supplier documentation and conformance. Expiry dates can be set on a variety of documents and the system will automatically email reminders to the supplier and the Director in charge.

All scanned documents are available throughout the system for all users with appropriate access.
The Quality Control module allows Quality Checking and Reporting on goods in and despatch and automated QC reports can be sent to the supplier.


  • Flexible setup of QC Questions to suite your products
  • Photos and Videos attached to QC Reports
  • Automatic banding of rejection based on percentages
  • Supplier Portal available for login and viewing their own QC documentation
  • Desktop Reports Generated and copies emailed to suppliers
  • QC on Goods In , Production, Despatch and Shelf Life tests
Multi Pack house Management

Pre-pack costing provides comprehensive labour analysis, product yield calculation, traceability and cost control functionality.

Accumulated production quantities from labour postings are compared with daily despatches, production allocation and stock count, providing stock reconciliation routines. Overhead recoveries cater for direct and indirect costs. Combining packaging material, transport and raw material costs offers accurate and timely data. Labour postings integrate directly into the Payroll module and include support for both gangs and sub-contract workers.


  • Labour costing – own labour and gang labour
  • Daily production recording
  • Comprehensive labour cost reporting
  • Raw materials and finished production allocation
  • End of day stock check recording
  • Daily stock/production reconciliation
  • Direct and indirect cost recoveries
  • Overhead cost apportionment
  • Production department and line costing
  • Consignment yield and return reporting
  • Cost analysis over labour, packaging and produce
  • End of day stock take


  • Labour cost control
  • Margin analysis by consignment, supplier and customer


  • Sales Order Processing module
  • Procurement module
  • Stock Control module
  • Handheld terminals/touch screens
Auto Plotting Field GPS Data and Hectare / Acre Size

GPS plotting for fields allows the location to be “drawn” using nodes and lines to set a perimeter for a field.

The user can set by Node or by a Central Pin within the set area which specific point to use for GPS.  This can be used for Handheld or GPS devices to trigger an activity or auto detect where the user is, removing the requirement to manually input/obtain the GPS data.

Also, based on the set perimeter, Agrilogik also auto-calculates the area in Hectares and Acres.


Work Recording

Captures and records employee working time by both Piece Rate and Time Work against specific jobs.

Fully integrated with Agrilogik handheld Apps and our Business Analytics module to further capture data that can be analysed by Employee.

Can be integrated with 3rd party solutions for measuring time and attendance into SAGE.

Cropping Profiles

A crop/yield forecasting tool which uses Planting Records and templated harvest yield percentages on a week 1-52 per year basis.

An override facility allows tweaks to be made to the current profile, without affecting the original plan.  This allows the tool to be used for scenario comparisons.  This is further supported by an “Actual” profile, which captures the actual yield over the 1-52 weeks for the specific plot’s planting record.

Also features an Import/Export function of data for the specific picking year.

Currently in development is a daily-weekly profile that allows staff to monitor forecasts for the short-term weeks ahead.  This helps to predict the required staffing levels and budget.



Implementing Agrilogik combined with the Freshware ERP Software is making our business more effective and more competitove

Nick French
Financial Director
TH Clements & CO

Agrilogik cutsheets and planting records changed the way we are able to monitor availability to clients

Simon Goddard
Financial Director
Jepco Marketing and J E Picavver Farns

Our software shows you real time vital information

This focused approach allows customers to gain significant business advantage when deploying these market-leading solutions. Our solutions allow users to manage collaborative relationships between customers, business partners and employees and help guide.

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