Market Leading Food Service ERP Software for over 20 Years

Chefserve Food Service Wholesale and Distribution ERP software fulfils the need for readily available, accurate data in the food and fresh produce industry. Designed to eliminate duplication, simplify routine procedures and improve communications standards, Chefserve helps catering supply businesses to increase profitability through efficiency and accurate margin reporting and ensuring short shelf life food products are not wasted.

Chefserve is part of the Affinitus Group which designs and develops market-specific, global business solutions and acts as a strategic IT partner for customers in the food, fresh produce, logistics and warehousing sectors.

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Financials and Distribution

AFFINITUS Financials provide an easy to use, fully integrated and extensive functionality as a standard accounting package that Freshware, Chefserve and Agrilogik all update seamlessly and in real time (no overnight posting routines).

The Affinitus Financials integrated accounting system makes use of the Windows functionality and features split screens, program chaining, field-level password, diaries and audit trails as standard.

Installed in over 200 businesses, AFFINITUS provide the premier software packages for the Fresh produce Distribution and Wholesale Marketplace and Process Manufacturing Industry.

Benefits include:

  • Efficient response to customers’ needs
  • Holding of correct and moving stock
  • Optimisation of Stock Levels
  • Reduced cost per transaction
  • Increased Cash flow & Profitability
  • Flexible and Proven Solution

Modules include:

  • Sales Order/Telesales
  • Prospect Marketing
  • Stock Control
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Fixed Assets
  • Formulations
  • (Product Structures)
  • Works Order Production
  • Production Planning
  • Production Orders
  • Warehouse Management
  • Office Automation
  • E-Commerce
Sales Order Processing – Telesales and E-commerce online ordering

Placing your telesales team in control

This module is designed to enable telesales operatives to take orders based on the use of catalogues and/or price lists. Customer PLOF (Price List Order Forms) are available on screen, mirroring the customers specific order form, plus any previous order history. This gives the operator the benefit of only needing to key in the quantity field, which greatly increases order entry speed.

Call schedules can be setup to ensure the customer is called on time and on a day that suits their schedule, with the facility to enter call back times if necessary.

Promotions can be pre-set into the system with start and end dates. They can be called upon at any time during the sales order process, with the operator needing only to enter the quantity required.


  • Call lists and schedules by operator
  • Customer templates/profiles
  • Unlimited price lists
  • Product message pad/customer preferences
  • Promotions and specials offers
  • Stock access across multiple locations
  • Expected stock viewing
  • Previous order history
  • Back orders/to follow
  • Unavailable/covert & overt substitutions
  • Sales orders allocated against consignment stock or unallocated
  • Production of picking notes and delivery notes
  • Automatic haulage calculation and haulage invoice reconciliation
  • Unlimited alternate delivery addresses
  • Sales quotations/convert to order
  • Daily/weekly sales/profit reports
  • Fully integrated with EDI orders and invoices


  • Increase clerical efficiency
  • Increase sales and gross profit with telesales operators motivated and prompted with special offers
  • Real time delivery of management information
  • Improved customer services


  • FRESHWARE Financials
  • Fax2Order module
  • Purchase Order Processing module
  • Stock Control module
  • Logistics module
Customer Web Ordering Portal

With Chefserve running in your back office you can offer your customers the ability to place their own orders online, as well as access to their account information, so that they can

  • Review their account
  • Print out their own price list
  • Re-print or email themselves copy invoices
  • View previous orders
  • Enter daily orders
  • Setup their own order templates

Most customers choose to configure the branding and colours so that it works and looks like part of any existing web presence.


Chefserve Web Portal - Homescreen

Customer Web Ordering Portal - Catalogue
Chefserve Customer Web Ordering Portal Catalogue

Example of Chefserve Customer Web Ordering Portal Catalogue

This facilitates the provision of a browsable catalogue of products for each Web Portal customer.

  • Catalogue can show as a browsable feature on the home screen.
  • Catalogues can be viewed, saved as PDF, emailed or printed.
  • Catalogues will only show the products available to each customer.
  • The layout, font, colours and content of the catalogue are customisable.
  • Theme settings available to save colours and font sizes, etc.
  • Front & Back cover is fully customisable with imagery & text.
  • Product group pictures and text can be added as separators / covers for each product group / sub-group.
  • Product listings section can be customised for how product information is presented.
Demand Planning and Forecasting

This module sits on top of the Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing and Stock control modules to provide daily stock requirements for single and multiple depot operations.


  • Usual Suppliers and Alternate suppliers
  • Minimum / Maximum Stock Levels
  • Minimum / Maximum Stock Days
  • Suggest Order Quantity with User Intervention
  • Shopping Basket
  • Supplier Templates
  • Summary of Purchases Required by Buyer / Supplier / Product Group
  • Multi Depot / Inter depot Stock Replenishment requests/Fulfilment
  • Committed Stock
  • Supplier Price Lists
  • Seasonal Trending and Weekly Trending


  • Improved Stock Levels
  • Less Overstocking
  • Quicker Decision Making
  • No Forgotten Purchases
  • Automated Purchase Order Creation and Sending (with Review)


  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Goods In Processing
  • Android Mobile Buying Book
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Stock Control
  • Dashboard


Purchase Order Processing & Goods In

This module is designed to enable the processing of purchase orders either manually or via an automatic forecasting system based on previous days/week sales.


  • Preferred suppliers
  • Previous prices paid/purchase order history
  • Supplier product codes


  • Increase clerical efficiency
  • Real time delivery of management information


  • FRESHWARE Financials
  • Sales Order Processing module
  • Stock Control module
  • Logistics module
Chefserve Picker - Scales Integration and Picking Management software

Making sure customers are billed precisely for the weight of goods they receive.

This module has been designed for an Industrial Capacitive Touchscreen

It allows the pickers in a warehouse to view orders that have been processed for the night & day. They are able to go into an existing order and confirm an item can which be Weighed/Picked/Shorted or made N/A.

Two Picking Routines can be accessed from our picking program:

  • Packing based on Product Category or Location
  • Picking based on Customer Timed routes planned within the Freshware Drop Order Management

The touchscreen is attached to a pair of Weigh Scales, this is so that the pickers can put the weighted items on the scales and if the item weighs over or under what the customer has ordered then it will change the price of that line to be in keeping with the weight. The Items that aren’t in stock once declared will appear on a shortages report which will go to the buyer, giving a clear understanding of the Items requiring purchase which can be sorted by route or customer or by grouped amounts.

The touchscreen can be used to pick separate categories e.g. Bulks, Splits & Weighted Items or it can be used to pick all categories. The picking process can be designed to work with any customer’s warehouse.

If you are using the Freshware stock module then the picking stations can also automatically lower stock figures in a live environment, helping to keep a much tighter control of your warehouse and stock management.

Freshware can also link BMP or JPEG images of the actual products being packed to make them easier to distinguish in a fast-moving environment.



1 x Adam CBC 30M Bench Scale

1 x Touchscreen Monitor

1 x Wall Mount or Desk Mount

1 x RS32 Lead Connecter

1 x Freshware Integrated Scales Module

Freshware/Chefserve Buyer (Solution for Portable Market Buying & Stock Reconciliation)

Making Buying simple, fast and effective



This module has been designed for an Android Tablet

It allows buyers to setup their own buying list to process inside a market environment or over the phone buying.

Chefserve buyer has two modes, you can either create your own stock list based on manual stock interpretations or if your using the Chefserve stock management system or order entry you can automatically create a buying list based on stock shortfalls and shortages.

Freshware buyer can also be used in conjunction with the Demand Planning and Forecasting to suggest potential market opportunities.

Once items have been brought on the touchscreen their prices can be updated automatically back to the product card which allows Freshware to re calculate customer price lists to keep in line.

Also when buying lines are confirmed on the buying book then the purchase order and goods receipt notes gets created automatically in the Chefserve system to avoid duplicating work and re-entering data.

Items that are brought on the Chefserve Buyer can also flow through to the Chefserve Touch Goods in/ Loading Module to allow products to be checked before allowing stock to be received into the warehouse



1 x Tablet (Cellular Compatible)

1 x 3G/4G SIM

Dashboard Performance Report

Effective Management Information

The real value to a business of its ‘ERP system’ is as a collector of information to run the business.
Using that information in a timely fashion can aid you in making better business decisions rather than managing by guesswork.
Each Freshware module has full reporting facilities which can be accessed at the touch of a few buttons. In addition, these reports can be exported for ‘what-if’ scenarios or further reporting within your spreadsheet and word processing applications. With full ODBC compliance you can also access data within your system for pivot table reports within Excel; giving you full control of report layout and drill down facilities.


  • Flexible reporting tools
  • Variable criteria


  • Effective management decisions


  • All FRESHWARE software modules
  • Fully ODBC-complaint
  • Access/Crystal/COGNOS
  • Integrates with all Chefserve and Freshware Modules
  • Integrates with all Affinitus Financials

Chefserve - Produce Dashboard

Profit Margin Reporting by Customer / Product / Route / Unit / Salesman

This module is best viewed in a live demonstration.  It is very much the jewel in the crown of Chefserve with analysis that is unrivalled in the industry.  Just ask any of our clients about our margin analysis and business analytics modules !

For more information please contacts us on 01795 844555.

Touch Screen Warehouse Management Systems

Charging customers correct amount for goods they receive.

This module is designed on a touchscreen. It allows the pickers in a warehouse to view orders that have been processed for the night. They are able to go into an existing order and confirm whether an item can be picked or they do not have that item in stock.

The Touchscreen is also attached to a pair of weigh scales, this is so that the pickers can put the weighted items on the scales and if the item weighs over or under what the customer has ordered then it will change the price of that line to be in keeping with the weight. The Items that aren’t in stock once picked will appear on a shortages report which will go to the buyer, giving a clear understanding of the Items needing to be purchased.

The touchscreen can be used to pick separate categories e.g. Bulks, Splits & Weighted Items or It can be used to pick all categories. The picking process can be designed to work with any customer’s warehouse.


  • Touchscreen design
  • Order Management


  • Charge precisely for produce
  • Increased awareness of stock wastage
  • Gives the buyer a clear view on what needs to be brought to fulfil orders.


  • Factory based touchscreen
  • Calibrated Weigh Scales
  • Chefserve Integrated Scales Program
  • Ipad based bulk picking
Warehouse Management and Stock Control

Keeping an eye on what you buy.

This is a module within Chefserve that allows users to allocate all the orders during the day to stock that have been brought by the buyer, giving the user a chance to see precise stock balances in the system and produce buyers requirements on what needs to be brought the next day.
Staff will also have the chance to do a manual stock take on the Ipad/Ipad mini. This will involve a user walking round the warehouse entering a product and entering the amount of singles or the amount of boxes they can physically see.
Users can also setup stock locations within Chefserve and assign each product with a specific location. When that location is loaded in mobile stock entry and it will bring up everything that’s been assigned to it making it easier to count.
Once the stock has been counted Freshware will put together the stock figure on the system taking into consideration the amount that has been allocated to orders, and also the stock figure that has been manually entered in, and either write on or write off the stock to give you a correct balance for the next working day. Once the stock has been amended Chefserve gives you the opportunity to also view a stock variance report which will outline any issues with certain problems and give an accurate costing to what is being made or lost.


  • On screen and mobile stock take methods
  • Stock analysis
  • Up to date stock management
  • Increased awareness of stock wastage
  • Gives the buyer a clear view on what needs to be brought to fulfil orders


  • Ipad stock take
  • Manual stock take
  • Stock adjustments program / Reports
Chefserve Touch Goods in/Loading Module

Making sure the right checks are made on delivery of stock items

The Chefserve Touch Goods in/Loading Module allows for any items that have been brought either through purchase order creation or through the Chefserve Buyer application to be sent to a Goods in location or backdoor of a warehouse and be checked into the system.

Key Checks need to be done on stock coming into the company because of incorrect quantity issues, possible quality issues, box damage or sometimes even wrong items delivered. This module allows one user or multiple users to be able to receive items into a warehouse, input any discrepancies, and upload pictures to do with the delivery in question.

These images and pieces of data are stored alongside that particular purchase so that when entering invoices later on, if there are any issues that arise, the user can go back and check what the QC status of that delivery was and any errors with the delivery.

The Chefserve Touch Goods in/Loading Module, can also be used alongside the Stock Management system to allow items, once checked, to be Put-away in the warehouse in a particular bin location or unique shelf or row setup on the product card within Chefserve.

The Chefserve Touch Goods in/Loading Module also contains a lorry loading and Cross-Docking option which allows a warehouse to accept a particular delivery, split it or reload onto another vehicle to deliver to another location.

Vehicle’s weights can be recorded for compliance to law and full detail about items loaded can be traced back to the vehicle.

This will allow you to split stock lines to be able to see precise stock figures based on depot location.

Depending on company model we also offer bespoke add-ons to the QC and goods in programs to allow for Barcode printing and Pallet label printing for Packhouses and warehouse scanning.  Please enquire for more details…



Stock Control and Mobile Stock Take

Real Time Perpetual Stock Management

The Stock Control module can be used for multi-warehouse, multi-location, raw material and supplies facilities. It controls raw material and finished goods stock, as well as consumables. It will advise the operator of stock location, monitor best before or put away sequence and list empty locations. It also incorporates automatic replenishment of pick faces.

The Stock Control module integrates to the Price Book and Bill of Materials systems.
Full traceability of all movements is provided and the system retains all transactions for enquiry and reporting purposes.

Purchasing support is provided with product supplier, supplier product code and supplier cost prices being stored.


  • High visibility of stock availability
  • Batch and lot traceability
  • Pallet tracking and pallet labels
  • Multi-warehouse, multi-location
  • Put-away task list/next job on HHT
  • Shelf edge barcode scanning and price check
  • Selection by code, short name, description, customer product code
  • Flexible coding structure
  • Detailed stock movement statistics
  • Detailed stock text description file (of unlimited length) per item
  • Stock take and reporting routines
  • Flexible stock valuations


  • Immediate monitoring of physical, on-order, allocated and free stock levels
  • Fast, efficient valuation by FIFO, weighted average and replacement/current cost
  • Close control of stock levels and stock reconciliation and re-ordering allows stocking levels to be optimised avoiding overstocking and stock-outs.
  • Stock reordering recommendations by a reorder point system
  • Monitors stock levels against maximum and minimum levels
  • Alternative items facility
  • Wide range of stock statistics and analyses
  • Integrates to a wide range of pricing facilities including discounts, special prices, list prices, etc.
  • Full integration with radio data systems


  • FRESHWARE Financials
  • Pre-Pack Production module
  • Purchase Order Processing module
  • Sales Order Processing module
Foodservice Price Matrix and easy flow price amendments

This module is currently being updated with features including forecast basket comparison, min/max cash margins and improved import/export of price lists, best experienced in a demonstration and we have to be honest, we don’t need our competitors knowing all our good ideas!

For more information please contacts us on 01795 844555.


We have been very pleased that we have been able to get a phased implementation on this project, allowing us some very quick wins within only months of placing our order with Affinitus.

Charlie Mash
Managing Director
Mash Purveyors Ltd

The new Chefserve Wallboard gives me an immediate overview of the whole business and daily KPI’s without management needing to run any reports.

Jason Tanner,
Premier Catering

Chefserve and the team at Affinitus are very good at being able to either create or manipulate data to allow you to meet customers’ very specific needs,

Rebecca Lawless
Managing Director
4 Degrees C

Our software shows you real time vital information

This focused approach allows customers to gain significant business advantage when deploying these market-leading solutions. Our solutions allow users to manage collaborative relationships between customers, business partners and employees and help guide.

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