ERP Business Management Software for Bakery, Dairy & Food Production

Foodlogik is one of the UK’s leading integrated business process control and management software solutions, designed to meet the specific and demanding requirements of the bakery, dairy and food production industries. Through the use of our systems, we are helping to drive up sales, productivity and profitability in all areas of the food industry.

Foodlogik is a feature-rich ERP business management software suite designed to cover all aspects of organisational and administrative efficiency in a bakery, dairy, food or food-related business.

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Sales Administration

Streamline the sales administration process in your office from order entry through to payment.

  • Improve customer service
  • Avoid errors
  • Reduce debtors
  • Improve cash-flow
  • Use permanent standing orders to speed up daily ordering
  • Automated order quantity checks, highlighting possible operator entry errors
  • Credit checking at point of entry based on value or debtor days
  • Order status enquiries to ensure that no customers are forgotten, nor deliveries un-invoiced
  • Comprehensive lead time checks to prevent order promising too early
  • Place customer, orders or products on temporary hold e.g. holidays or seasonal products
  • Customer remarks – customer contacts and actions
  • Cash-only and one-off customer sales
  • Customer rounds in drop sequence by date and delivery, with van substitution
  • Fast and easy delivery adjustment facility to capture extras, shortages, damages, and transfers – automatically takes care of credits and extras.
  • EDI – automated transmission of orders, price lists and invoices to your customers and suppliers
  • EDI orders, ASNs, invoices and POs in all popular formats – GSX, Freeway OpenText, BluJay
  • Automated suggested orders based on order history with a wide variety of alternative algorithms
  • Specialised van ordering reconciliation system, allowing for driver’s own sales, add-one company sales and account deliveries
  • Customer specific, individually designed delivery and billing documentation
  • Flexible pricing and discounting levels, including promotions and discount bands
  • Full transaction history shown on screen
  • Powerful product and customer search facility
  • Flexible driver and salesman commission structures
  • Emailed invoices, credit notes and statements
  • Van driver accounting, and van roundsbooks
  • Inbuilt Sales Ledger for entering payments
  • Automatic payment matching
  • Statements, aged debt and cash payment reporting
  • Automatic mail-merge for chasing aged debt
  • Interface to industry-standard accounts packages – Sage Pegasus, AccPac, Xero, QuickBooks
Purchase Ordering and Supplier Invoices
  • Gain control of your supplier orders and invoice activity
  • Automate your office
  • Highlight and thus take action on purchase cost variances

Flexible and easy to use, this module is proven to reduce clerical drudgery and to increase efficiency and accuracy in the office.

  • Auto-PO suggestions and raising
  • Suppliers part numbers and pack sizes
  • Supplier price file ensures accurate pricing at time of order
  • Suppliers price list comparison to help you get the best price
  • Email purchase orders directly from order entry
  • Call-off and recurring orders
  • Discounts automatically applied
  • Unplanned receipts can be booked in and a covering purchase order raised automatically
  • Batch and best-before date captured at goods-inwards, for use in traceability reporting
  • Multiple deliveries can be received against a single purchase order
  • Supplier invoice matched with one or more purchase orders
  • Invoice authorisation control
  • Automatic “three-way match”: invoice to order price to received quantity
  • Accruals reporting – goods received not yet invoiced
  • Invoice variance analysis – feed actual prices back to your standard ingredient costs
  • Interface to all industry-standard purchase ledger systems: Sage, Xero, Quickbooks, Pegasus, Sage AccPac – no need to key invoices in twice!
Production Planning and Control

Planning and controlling production while also keeping a handle on costs and traceability is the constant food producer’s headache.

Foodlogik’s Food Management System enables you to deal with these problems efficiently and effectively with its leading production control module, which integrates seamlessly with sales and despatch to help your business to improve efficiency, profitability and customer service.

  • Weekly and Daily Forecasting and Production planning
  • Recommended Purchase Orders
  • Labour capacity planning
  • Production Bookings by line/department
  • Mobile Apps for Shopfloor bookings
  • Actual labour activity recording
  • Labour cost recovery reporting
  • Utilisation analysis
  • Quality control recording
  • Mobile lineside stock control
  • Automatically generates consolidated product requirements reports, customer arrays and product arrays
  • Automatically generates picking lists, optionally sorted by round drop sequence
  • Unlimited product categorisation – A single product can be a member of multiple categories e.g. fresh cream chocolate topped doughnut can belong to a doughnut, chocolate topping and fresh cream lists
  • Production/packing breakdown by customer, customer group, distribution points, customer round, product types etc.
  • “Special item” production reports for customisable products e.g. celebration cakes with one off inscriptions and/or designs
  • Automatically details the mix requirements showing ingredient breakdown
  • Production recipe automatically optimised to mix/bowl size
  • Generate finished products and/or mix make sheets
  • Real time daily or weekly production requirements with optional shop floor recording
  • Optional works order control, based on standard recipe
  • Works order ingredients can be changed independently of the recipe
  • Optional “back-flushed” ingredient usage recording
  • Comprehensive traceability from ingredient to mix to finished goods
  • Optional interface to Stevens weigh-scale system
  • Numerous packing sheet formats in multiple breakdown types
  • Collate labelling quantity requirements by label type, size, customer etc.
  • Generate ingredient requirements, for use by purchasing and planning
  • Comprehensive production reporting with a multitude of standard reporting formats, customisable to your requirements
  • Actual vs Planned costs reporting per batch, product or mix


Recipe Management

Calculate your product and base mix costs

  • Quickly
  • Easily
  • Accurately

Fully integrated with Production Control and Ingredients, this feature-rich module holds the key to measuring profitability and thus business success.

  • Easy on-line cost estimates – all in one, easy-to- use program
  • Comprehensive recipe costing and formulation allowing unlimited breakdown into unlimited sub mixes with unlimited interim stages
  • Multiple stages, with stage notes and manufacturing instructions
  • Detailed mix requirements showing ingredient breakdown
  • Calculate weight and suggested price, allowing for yield and losses
  • Enter ingredients, packaging, labour and overheads
  • Mark-ups can be set against the entire recipe, ingredient analysis groups or against the individual recipe line item.
  • Analysis can be shown against the recipe stage or against the whole product.
  • All recipe modifications e.g. ingredient price change are stored historically so that trends or comparisons can be reported on
  • Graphical view of recipes
  • ‘Where-used’ facility – find recipes by ingredient and find products by base mix
  • Health and Safety – record Allergy Groups, Traffic Light Groups and Additive Groups
  • Recipe optimized to mix/bowl size, for use on mix preparation sheet
  • Automatic update of recipe costs when ingredient cost change
  • Version controlled by date – old recipes are held indefinitely for future reference


Stock Control and Traceability
  • Minimise stock-outs
  • Maintain traceability
  • Survive the Audit!

Fully integrated with the Purchasing and Works Orders, this module provides a full picture of stock  movements, traceability stock balances.

  • Mobile scanners and tablets
  • Pallet Control
  • Trailer loading and documentation
  • Multi bin, multi-location and multi-site stock control
  • Allows full control of stock, with balances and movements
  • Controls rejects, quarantine and ‘best before’ dates
  • Lot/batch control
  • Full stock management reporting
    • Valuation reports
    • Volume reports
  • Periodical stock checking with stock adjustments
  • Conformance compliance
  • Work-in-progress costs
Web Sales
  • Reduces form-filling
  • Reduces load on central admin
  • Increases efficiency and accuracy

This powerful web and Android-based module integrates your shops and wholesalers with the bakery, providing seamless integration from tills to production. This is proven to achieve significant savings in time, improvements in order accuracy, reduction in waste and increases in shop turnover.

Web Ordering

  • Mobile applications – Web and Android
  • Daily Ordering – Enter tomorrow’s orders on-line
  • Weekly Ordering – Permanent order schedule
  • Shop Figures – Record today’s shop stock, shorts, returns, waste, transfers – this gives the true stock available for sale
    • User- and Shop-based settings
    • Product Restrictions by Shop
    • Ordering cut-off times
    • Comparison with last week’s order
  • Purchasing
    • Order Direct from the shop
    • Delivery address automatically pre-set
    • Deliveries to shop locations
    • Ingredients or third-party products
  • All fully integrated with the bakery


Till Sales – integration with ePOS

  • Standard ePOS Interface Module
  • Flexible and configurable to join to your ePOS system
  • Already pre-configured for/in discussion with:
    • Fidelity Total Control and Total Control Premier
    • EPOS Group Quantum
    • Kamarin Systems KCPOS
    • RSA
  • A product price change or description at head-office automatically appears on the shop till, web or hand-held device on a given start date
  • Excess wastage reporting, showing returns over and above a pre-set tolerance set by product, or group as a percentage of sales
  • Up sell your product range by identifying stock repeatedly sold out too early
  • Highlight excessive returns/waste by historical data
  • Identify stock discrepancies by highlighting differences between the true returned quantity against theoretical return figures


Till Sales – What could you save?

  • Save in the region of 2% to 4%
  • Track-down stock  discrepancies and leakage
  • Measure and reduce waste
  • Avoid excess stock  that just produces even more waste
  • Plan to hold enough stock – not too much or too little
  • Up-sell your products and increase turnover
  • Report what time the products sell out
  • Make sure enough product is on the shelf at a specified time
  • Don’t sell out early every day!


What our customers say:

  • “Web Ordering has played a vital role in the company’s expansion over the last few years.”
  • “It allows us to control all our shops centrally. “
  • “ No more faxing , collating and phoning…”
  • “.. we now have a seamless, automated system, allowing that employee to use her time far more effectively”
  • “The great thing is that every time we open a new shop the money we save increases because there are no additional admin costs for us.
  • We’re easily saving 25 man hours a week at our present size, and that saving will grow with each new store we open!”

Foodlogik’s Food Management System comprises all of the data required for informed decision-making. This includes daily and weekly operational reporting or longer term reports, for example for trend analysis or year-on-year comparisons.

  • You can preview any printed document or report – no more wasted paper, and saves a lot of time!
  • Report parameters (or “profiles”) can be stored for fully -automated and scheduled print processing – so you can go on holiday in the secure knowledge that un-trained staff will be capable of producing invoices, production reports and debtors lists, for example, with a single click of the button
  • All of the management reports can provide details and analysis in many variations of design layout, called “formats”, and can be readily customised to your specific business requirements
  • Examples of all of the system reports can be seen in the Downloads section
  • Customer sales analysis shows information such as gross value, discounts, sales value, returns, net value, actual cost (based on recipe cost), profit value, profit %, returns % etc. Numerous methods of breakdown are possible e.g. customer category, round or type.
  • Product sales analysis shows multiple variations on sales quantity, unit cost (based on recipe cost), average selling price, total value, margin value, margin % and the same details at gross value. Breakdowns can be obtained by product grouping, product, margin, sales quantity, by customer and product and several other criteria.
  • Numerous sales reporting by various time periods, product and customer selections. Too many to mention here!
  • In order to achieve faster and more comprehensive sales and contribution reporting the system stores data by week, month or any other time period you may choose. This can hold and show information by customer or product with all accumulated year to date sales figures. These can be broken down by customer type, customer group, product type, product group with cost analysis breakdown e.g. by raw material, packaging, labour etc.
  • Most reports, depending on their layout, can be exported to CSV for further analysis with Excel, Access or other industry-standard packages.
  • The Food Management System uses open database technology (ODBC), so all the data tables can be enquired on directly by industry standard systems such as MS Query, Excel, Access, Crystal Reports etc., enabling you to generate your own customised reports and enquiries.


Product Specifications

The current focus on food labelling and the advent of Natasha’s Law means that it is the legal responsibility of food producers, whether selling through retail or to their wholesale customers, to provide accurate and comprehensive food technical documentation, with regular audits from agencies such the BRC and large retailers.

The Product Specifications module aims to simplify the generation of ingredient declarations by allowing additives, allergens, nutritional, risk and other certification information to be added to your existing ingredients data. This is fully integrated within the existing Foodlogik database, so there is no need for double-entry or complex interfacing to third party packages – Foodlogik enables you to hold fully comprehensive product and ingredients details.

Use Foodlogik to set up your own specification database containing:

  • Additives
  • Allergens
  • Nutritional values
  • Suitability – e.g. “does this product contain Egg or egg  derivatives?”
  • May Contain
  • Risk
  • Packaging information
  • Sell by/use by dates
  • Recipes – entered directly or automatically generated from the SOM Recipe Costing system
  • Ingredient declaration – automatically generated
  • Ingredient search – check what ingredients do or do not contain specific additives and allergens
  • Supplier certification dates and standards
  • Allergen and Mandatory Nutrients report
  • Quality Attribute Sheets
  • Label printing and export to label printing software

The Foodlogik Product Specifications module provides a single repository to manage all your food labelling and documentation requirements.


The regular updates you provide keep the application at the forefront and the outstanding support you provide reinforces the confidence that we all need to have in our systems.

Jim Ferguson,
Fergusons Bakers Limited,

“Having labour saving and efficient technologies to hand such as Foodlogik with the android apps and the web ordering portals in our shops, really enabled our business to continue operating efficiently, even with reduced labour, in very challenging times.

Mark Stuart,

Our staff are always extremely busy, and SOM has enabled us to keep our office and production efficiency at a high level throughout all the economic ups and down

Commercial Director,
Barkers Bakery,

“The staff love Foodlogik and wonder what on earth we did before we had the solution! We are looking forward to continuing to grow and expand to use more features, particularly in despatch. The team at Foodlogik have fully delivered on all expectations from a commercial perspective.”

Danesh Butt,
Managing Director,
Butt Foods

Food Production and Recipe management software for the Dairy, Bakery and Meat Industry.

This focused approach allows customers to gain significant business advantage when deploying these market-leading solutions. Our solutions allow users to manage collaborative relationships between customers, business partners and employees and help guide.

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Products sold by value
Number of orders taken today
Turnover last week totals
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Foodlogik holds Inaugural V7 Focus Group

On Wednesday 8th July, Affinitus held the Inaugural Meeting of the Foodlogik V7 Focus Group inviting a selection of existing customers to influence and define the future development roadmap for the new V7 Foodlogik solution.

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