The UK’s leading horticulture nursery management system

Over 250 leading nurseries in the UK, and beyond, use Growmaster to manage their tree and plant nursery businesses. Growmaster customers span the horticulture industry; from small specialist growers to the largest wholesale nurseries.

Growmaster is designed and supported by us in the UK, we can react quickly to the needs of the industry, we listen to our customer's requirements and are committed to providing the very best software.

If you need a fully featured nursery management system which can simplify the running of your business, choose Growmaster. Whatever the size of your business, it’s the industry standard.

Proven Product - In use for over 15 years in the marketplace, Growmaster has all the tools necessary built in for continued management of your nurseries.

Scalable Software - Growmaster works for all sizes. Designed ground up to be scalable from 1 to 20+ users.

Cost Effective - Growmaster is available as a subscriber service; reducing your IT overheads and providing continuous support & updates.

Configurable - Our software is completely configurable to display only the information that is important to you.

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Stock Control

You can hold multiple batches of stock in a Growing or Saleable state. Then move whole or part batches of stock between nursery locations or change sizes and pot sizes as your plants get re-potted.

All stock updates are recorded in an audit trail. You can give a specific reason for stock updates and report on them, for example how much stock was lost because of frost damage.

You can quickly find the information you require by filtering the inventory listing and other screens to show only the items that you need. You can select from common filters or create your own.

Plant Passports & Certificates

You can print plant passport information on labels and delivery notes. The system will automatically print FRM (Forest Reproductive Material) supplier certificates from invoices.

Sales Order Processing

Manage the complete sales process from quotations through to invoicing.

There are many different ways to enter orders to suit your needs. You can start from a quotation, allocate stock as you go or choose to allocate later, then go straight to a delivery note and invoice using the cash sale order entry.

You can automatically allocate stock to avoid over selling. You can review previous orders and quickly see what stage each order is at. You can bulk convert delivery notes into invoices with or without printing. Or create cumulative picklists in a sensible ‘walk order’ to help staff.


Control all of your purchases and suppliers.

You can purchase for general or job-specific stock, or generate purchase orders directly from stock shortages. You can produce quotation requests for one or many suppliers.

You can use the “goods in” function to deliver stock in as growing or saleable stock. Then you can deliver stock in as a new batch or merge into existing batches.


You can create different pricing structures for different customers, or give automatic discounts to certain people or discounts based on quantity of plants ordered. You can use current, next season, or customer specific pricing. You can enter orders with VAT inclusive or exclusive pricing, or a combination of the two.

Integrated Labelling Solution

You can print picking, batch or location labels with prices, barcodes, location names and more.

You can create descriptive or retail labels with pictures and customer pricing.

All label layouts can be customised. And our simple label queuing system has ‘edit before print’ capability to save you time.

Reporting & Analytics

Growmaster has over 200 standard reports, plus a comprehensive report maker enabling you to create custom reports from any area of the system. You can save your favourite reports for quick and easy access to the data that you need the most.

All reports or any paperwork can be printed, saved as PDF files, faxed directly (with appropriate fax software) or exported to Microsoft Excel.

Handheld Mobile Device Integration

Growmaster handheld units allow quick and easy stock updates and ‘cash sale’ order entry while walking the nursery, with all data quickly imported directly into Growmaster. You can simplify the process even more by using barcodes. Small receipt printers are available for cash sales.

Accounts & Financials

You can specify category nominals for your Sage Line 50 accounts link. You can generate CSV export files for invoices and credits, and changes to customers and suppliers, then export them to a number of third-party accounts packages, such as Farmplan, Xero or Quickbooks.


The EDI Module enables sales orders to be received directly into Growmaster and sales invoices and credit notes to be exported directly to your customer.

Growmaster is integrated with Celtrino and GXS Freeway, giving you EDI integration with almost 1,000 trading partners.

Our newly available scriptable EDI feature enables us to create scripts that determine how order files are processed through to haulier and invoicing integration.  We can also generate rules for determining haulier, haulier costs, what packaging will be needed and how stock is allocated.


Web Module

Do you waste time and effort taking orders from customers on out of date availability lists? Do you spend hours converting faxed or emailed orders into sales orders on your system? Is maintaining accurate stock figures between your wholesale business and your retail website a constant worry? The Growmaster Web Module solves all these problems and more.

It gives you a web availability list ordering system that allows your customers to log in to your website and order from live available stock with pricing specific to them. They order from what you have now, not what you had last month. All you have to do is paste a link into your existing website and our system does the rest.

It provides a stock data feed from your Growmaster to your retail website, so you know that the inventory you see in your Growmaster is the inventory showing on your website. And it can pull sales orders from your website back into Growmaster so you don’t waste time on data entry. It’s also integrated with Amazon.

Retail Website Integration – How do you keep track of your inventory when you are running a wholesale business and a retail website?

The Web Module will integrate your Growmaster inventory with your retail website, so you can stay on top of your inventory from one place. What’s more, the Web Module will allow you to pull orders straight back into your Growmaster from your retail website, saving you time and money.

Web AV List Ordering – Our web AV list functionality is quick and simple to integrate with your existing website and lets your customers order online direct from your live stock AV lists. Your customers can access trade pricing specific to them and view their order histories. Sales orders go straight to Growmaster for processing so you save valuable time.

Amazon Integration – The Growmaster Web Module is integrated with Amazon, so you can put stock and pricing directly onto Amazon from your Growmaster and control everything from one place. What’s more, the Web Module will pull your Amazon orders straight back into Growmaster for processing, saving you valuable time.

Data Back-up – The Web Module allows you to schedule automated back-ups of your Growmaster data to our Cloud based data storage facility, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe.

EPOS Module

The Growmaster EPOS module is a fast and effective point of sale system which seamlessly integrates with the rest of your Growmaster package. It’s a single, joined up solution for growers, traders and retailers who want to combine class leading nursery stock management with quick and simple retail, Cash & Carry and trade sales.

User Friendly Interface – The Growmaster EPOS module interface is intuitive and easy to use. It has been designed specifically to facilitate the sale of nursery products on both a trade and retail basis, with all the key features you need to run your horticultural business.

Growmaster – Simple interface with complex functionality

Alternate Barcodes – The Growmaster EPOS module will recognise supplier barcodes you have set up on the system, so you don’t have to re-barcode products you have purchased for onward sale.

Multibuy Features – Our multibuy functionality allows you to configure your own promotional product bundles, from a simple discount on multiple purchases of the same item to more complex promotional bundles across different product categories.

Order Allocation – The Growmaster EPOS Module can allocate stock to a pre-defined location, so you can choose where you allocate an order. It will also recognise both batch barcodes and inventory item barcodes.

Hardware – In conjunction with the Growmaster EPOS module, we can supply the following hardware:

  • EPOS terminal with 15” touchscree
  • USB receipt printer or USB & Bluetooth receipt printer
  • Cash drawer
  • Standard handheld scanner or handheld scanner with keypad enabling quantity & discount to be entered on the device.


Production Planning

If you want to stay on top of production and in control of your margins, you need a production planning system that covers all the bases. Whether you are growing a crop to order from a sales order or growing for your own free stock, the Growmaster production Planning Module keeps you in control at every stage of the process.

Keep tabs on your production inventory and identify shortfalls and surpluses. Schedule daily, weekly or monthly production tasks. Forecast crop quantities and wastage factors and generate accurate crop completion dates. Monitor upcoming labour requirements and calculate accurate per unit production costs to stay on top of margins. The Production Planning Module has all this covered and more.

Production methods vary between nurseries and the Growmaster Production Planning Module has been designed to allow you to customise the system to your own practices and procedures. We will work with you to make sure you get the system that suits you.

Generate Crops from Sales Orders –  The Production Planning Module allows you to generate a crop directly from a sales order. It will check whether you have the production inventory required for the crop, apply the relevant production process template to the crop and give you start and end dates for production. You can check on expected production quantities and use wastage factors to determine how much excess will need to be produced in order to obtain the desired amount of grown product.

Manage Production Costs and Staffing Levels – Once you have defined your unique production processes and methods, the Production Planning Module will tell you what production inventory is required to generate a crop. It will also calculate the labour required to produce the crop, together with other cost inputs incurred in the production process. The system will then process all of this data to give you an accurate cost per unit for the grown crop. You can also forecast the labour required both for crops in production and for crops awaiting production, allowing you to monitor and anticipate your staffing requirement over a given period.

Daily or Weekly Task Reports – From the moment you put a crop into production, the Production Planning Module will automatically generate and schedule the production and maintenance tasks required to produce that crop. You can produce daily, weekly and other periodical production reports so you know what has to be done, by whom and when.


John Ryall, Director for Creepers Nursery

“The Growmaster solution can easily handle our complex pricing and quoting scenarios, as well as quickly importing and updating extensive supplier pricelists by EDI. This is a huge saving in admin resources for us, replacing a labour-intensive manual process."

Paul Thomas, Nursery Manager at Elveden Instant Hedge.

"Production planning and inventory management are critical in ensuring we only sell the hedge that is ready and available. Knowing with more degree of accuracy which hedges will be available when is key to managing an efficient production process and keeps our customers well informed.”

John Ryall, Director for Creepers Nursery

"Growmaster will be invaluable in meeting the compliance requirements for the printing of Plant Passport details onto plant labels as well as delivery notes and invoices. Because Growmaster is an industry specific horticulture solution these requirements were accommodated out of the box. We know these guys understand our business!”

Growmaster software shows you real time business management information across every aspect of your nursery to those that need it most.

Over 250 leading nurseries in the UK, and beyond, use Growmaster to manage their tree and plant nursery businesses. Growmaster customers span the horticulture industry; from small specialist growers to the largest wholesale nurseries.

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Products sold by value
Number of orders taken today
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