The UK’s leading horticulture nursery management solution.

The UKs leading horticulture nursery management solution.

There are an estimated 2,000 garden centres and retail nurseries in the UK, keeping these supplied with the required levels of quality, saleable, in-season, plant stocks is a task that requires meticulous nursery production planning and efficient operations.

The pandemic nurtured an increase in the popularity of gardening and cultivation of our outdoor spaces, and the industry saw a surge in online plant purchasing, followed by an uptick in garden centre trade.  Plant wholesalers and nurseries had to ensure their plant production, operational processes and business systems were able to flex and scale with the peaks and troughs of demand.

Managing a plant nursery means balancing seasonal growing periods and weather conditions, plant quality, customer demand, production methods, materials, and costs, whilst ensuring consistent availability with efficient on-time distribution to keep customer satisfaction as high possible.